Some old photos... obviously



ayako on yer bike Poch again
Ayako at Evans &Tate vineyard Maki on the Fireblade Working Holiday 1993 The marvelous Pochi - stumpy tailed cattledog Ascot 2007 If we'd known this was coming; we could have packed some better clothes
The beach
The pharmacy Injidup beach - and Takako Maki 1992! - and still I walk around with her, with my heart in her hands... Rie doing her hair? Back when I was a Tommy-gun-totin' scooter-riding cowboy. Yuka
old Fukai Girls
A few years ago - Bundaberg
Yuka and hairy chap Chisato in Yallingup とみい いも てるよ
大島 まき 美和
September 2008.
Our old blue home in Gracetown. 大阪 (in colour)
Maki and Ayako hello yuka Wombaticus
Recent photo of Maki and Ayako!
Maki and Yuka
Ayako in Busso 1996
Maki and the wombat.
Maki with Uluru 1996.
Chisato, and hairy chap, near Shimizu 1995
quiet night in miyazono cho cool!
There they are again - at home!
I'm sure that they said we'd look cool in these hats.
Okonomiyaki in Yallingup
Maki and hairy chap Manly
In the old pottery shed... Yallingup
Two litres of beer from a vending machine, and Yuka.
A good start!
Ayako in Busselton.
Found at Smiths beach Yallingup.
Maki - 34 Central Avenue 1992
July 1981 in Armidale
Maki and hairy chap near Eucla

Maki at the Sheraton Wine Awards

Pointing makes it look like I know something...
I must be crying because it looks like haircut time for Julian.
 Nurse Chisato at her work place.
Dinner in Manly
Camping with Pochi in the good old days.
Chisato and a bus.
Need a higher res Yuka!
WA Snow! - okay, it's foam.
Bundaberg Cubby-Housers
Yuka and her hydrangeas
Maki at the beach ?
On top of the world - well, Fuji at least.
Christmas! kumiko and Malacca
Some call it work!
Chisato and Pochi Dunsborough
A fridge full of beer
Good song on the radio?
Jellyfish hunter driven
Takako at Hay Shed Hill
Maki & Takako! Catching crabs?
Jellyfish sea hunting



Pilbara scenary
Yuka Snoozing
September 2008
pa-su just a japanese style hotel room
Miyazaki summer.
Life in the tin shed Yallingup
Teruko and Hiroshi in perth.
Maki leaves work.
That's a big mushroom - Ascot 200.7
A room! or two.
chisato August 2007 Elderly Pochi
Chisato in Shimizu.
Maki and some hairy chap - Nishinomiya rooftop 1993
Chisato! 22/08/07
Maki and the old kombi somewhere / nowhere.
Dunsborough Bay 09年05月13日
Atop Mt Fuji
Sandy Dog.
Mt Keith sunset.
Frogmouth Miyazono
Hardrock Cafe 1995?
Under the Tingle Tree.
Big truck.
Yes, it's a shirt, a dog and a postie bike.
Whoops 2
Jo at work
Hay Shed Hill
On the southern edge of Australia
Work Wear

Julian and Bondo - Will a skivy and beret ever be unfashionable?

Spot the Monkey
Maki Manly
Maki in Miyazaki
Maki and the old blue Bombi.
Shimizu 1995
Maki at Gracetown 1996?
The Druids?
Kodak 110 film is really hard to scan
The Druids?
Mr Gream - in Bathurst?
Mr Mackenzie
Chris and Susan
Druids and devoted fans
Not sure what Maki is up to
Kumiko and Makiko at Mt Keith
Makiko 1996
Mito! 1995

34 Central Avenue




Go!Go! 7188 Cutey Honey



Don't watch this - unless you don't value your time. It's poorly cobbled together footage of random people (mostly Kaoru, seemingly) from old Hi8 tapes that probably needed to be thrown out (and will be). It was obviously editted prior to any decent software (or pc's) existing. There is probably another 6 hours of tapes beyond this mess. Something to look forward to? No.





My favouritest song ever (well, since 2003 at least)
Go!Go!7188 - 浮船