There is no escaping the illusion of gravity...

Once Upon A Screen; there was this website...


I'm a telephone
Once ubiquitous; now semi-ubiquitous at best...

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

An electronic website - very much under-constructed, and where nothing much happens. It will happen... (he typed optimistically). Isn't it marvelous what they can do with electrons these days? This site best viewed on your LG internet fridge, or Panasonic internet toasted sandwich maker.

This website will always be in desperate need of updating - as such it is (at best) a glimpse into the dim past (and past performances are in no way intended to be representative of future outcomes). Well; we aren't in Yallingup or Ascot or Ellenbrook or even Boganup any more! Hooray for where we are now- it's just so bloody relatively fantastique!


The Famous Vending Machines of Yallingup

A few quick facts...

Michael Bond is composed of entirely natural atoms - some believed to be in excess of 13 billion years of age (and still working just fine). Michael Bond is composed

Michael Bond is largely non-combustible (at standard temperatures and pressures) - and an excellent slumber-party companion. Michael Bond doesn't get out of bed for less than $10 a day. Michael Bond should not be used as a floatation device. Michael Bond is 100% recyclable. *Michael Bond provided may not meet expectations...

Michael Bond resides in Western Australia (for the time being, as his heart lies elsewhere - where his roots are). Michael Bond delights in the company of Makiko, Kumiko, Yumiko (and haunting visitations from the late Pochi-dog), and others who deserve their anonymity. They are... Anonymous

Few, if any, animals were hurt in the construction of this website - although this website is far from finished, and things can go horribly wrong.

When in Japan; Mick's money stays secure with the with the Kinki Osaka Bank Folk


Typical twilight scene at a typical mining camp.Not 100% sure, but I think this may be Newman WA.


Advertising "Dry Mess' food at Campsite.


This site uses 129-bit encryption - a bit more encryptic than some of those other sites!

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